Friday, December 28, 2012

Allergy Scares

Today was full of scares, especially with Evelyn.

With Snapchat, I sent over a picture to Ian with Evelyn's right eye bruising and then breaking out into tiny bumps. I thought she ran into the corner of her playpen again, and didn't think too much of it at the time. This was past 3 a.m.

Time passes, and Evelyn is totally content and happy. I go to the bathroom to shower and test out the new styling tool my MIL got me for Christmas. This was past 4 a.m.'s closer to five in the morning when I check my phone. I didn't expect eight missed calls, all from Ian.

Something was up, so I called him back immediately. He called me during break, saying that I needed to get Evelyn out of the playpen stat. Apparently, she had been breaking up pieces of fudge in her playpen that we suspected she may have been allergic to.

Ian took care of her when he got home, as my alarm didn't go off. The rashes went down.

Fast forward to dinner. She's not eating right, and is scratching herself all over. I check her chest, and it's covered in the rash. Yikes.

With a clinic visit, we come to find out that the rash was due to a viral infection, not allergies. Thank gosh.

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