Sunday, December 30, 2012

Super Chill Or Weird? Your Pick

Today had some weird ups and downs. Here are my thoughts in a jumbled order:

I got electrocuted three times today. Respectively dealing with plugs that belonged to the hair styling tool my MIL got me, my cell phone charger, and my MIL's vacuum.

I got a new Neoboards avatar by beating my original score in the Gadgads game. So proud of that one. The last time I got that avatar, I was on one of my favorite accounts. That's a super good omen for me.

On that note, I beat several other game high scores on this new Neopets account. I was on a roll this morning, like a boss!

Evelyn is doing WAY better, and it shows.

It's J.R.'s birthday today. My baby brother is another year older! I finally got ahold of him past 9:30 p.m. tonight. He really loved the gifts we got him.

On that note, everyone at my folks' house is obsessed with the sock monkey pinball game we got for him. :P

Ian and Brett spontaneously planned a madness fueled DBZ marathon. I can't wait for it to start. Pity that we have to wait on Eli to show up, though.

Baron nipped at Evelyn for the first time, and gave her quite the fright, earlier tonight. He's now on my gray list, and he knows it. He got a deserved scolded. :/

I think the extra sleep did me good and helped me recover quite a bit today.

Purple is the lucky color for today and tomorrow. I can't wait to see what Laurie Cabot has posted for The Color of the Day for New Year's Day. My luck has been doing way better since I've been following her forecast.

The only day my luck dwindled was when we had to take Evelyn to the clinic-I hadn't been wearing the lucky color earlier that day!

I'm still debating how I want to go about painting my nails for New Year's Eve.

Mailing out any cards is going to be tricky with how the Post Office is going to be around here the next few days. :/

I really want to get ahold of a sequin covered dress for New Year's Eve.

Whatever I end up wearing for NYE, I want it to be purple! The AS post I saw earlier makes me want to create metallic purple shorts with black peaking through.

I'm really inspired by a bunch of photography projects I've seen today. My NYE post is probably going to be filled with pictures taken from this year that were my favorites.

On that note, I still really want to use my FIL's Rolleiflex. I want to know the condition on it soon. I want to use it!

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