Tuesday, December 4, 2012

On The Fourth Day Of Creepmas, My True Love Gave To Me...

... a really awesome Japanese street fashion inspired outfit!

Being obsessed with Japanese street fashion, this is one outfit I wouldn't mind wearing around Creepmas.

The plaid shirt made me think of this time of year right off the bat.

Seriously, how fantastic is that vest?!? *.*

I'm also a sucker for suspenders.

I think both the vest and suspenders are Creepmas wishlist worthy.

That hair color is also really awesome. Being a person insistent on keeping my original hair color knowing what I know with what happens to naturally dark hair after it's colored (it's an intense brown that becomes more black or red depending on the time of the year), I would find a wig in this color.

I think the only thing I would change with this outfit would be the pants. I love the color, but not the style. Skinny jeans would have been more flattering. I think she wore the boyfriend jeans for comfort.

I would also switch out the hat for a beret (I'm also a sucker for berets too! >.> )

This outfit would work with the weather around here in Idaho.

If it got too cold, I think this outfit would look fantastic with either a long, dark trench coat or a leather biker jacket. A grey circle scarf would also be welcome too.

This look would be a fresh change with current holiday fashions. I think it would get a bunch of compliments at parties.

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