Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Feeling Warm And Fuzzy Inside: Holiday Edition

I love being able to donate things/time to local charities or thrift shops, especially this time of year.

My parents made it a tradition to help out the needy somehow during this month. I've been doing this tradition ever since I was three years old.

Last year, I made care packages for tsunami survivors and military personnel. This year, I donated a good portion of my clothes to the nearby Deseret Industries store since they were in real need of winter items.

I didn't know what to expect, so I decided to check it out with Ian. The two best options were either ReStore or Deseret Industries, but I decided that Deseret Industries had better hours to work with and were in more need in the end.

It was really odd pulling around to the D.I. donation drop-off site, and seeing it nearly bare. It was kind of scary. I've never seen it like that before. Usually, there are tons of donations. What happened?

We dropped off four bags full of my clothes. I felt really good about helping them out.

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