Saturday, December 15, 2012

Party Vibes

Today was an overall awesome day (compared to a good portion of yesterday!). ^w^

Here are the reasons:

  • Pretty productive morning in general
  • The library book I was waiting on was finally shipped in
  • I was treated to breakfast by Katrina
  • Got a good portion of shopping I wanted done due to Katrina being awesome
  • Had amazing luck with shopping deals (especially at Michael's and Hobby Lobby)
  • The flourless Nutella cake got baked before Denise's Christmas party
  • My makeup turned out awesome
  • Got to eat awesome food and drink tasty drinks
  • Got plenty of compliments on the dress I wore to the party (it was the same dress I wore to my Sweetheart's dance in high school and as Haruhi for the OHSHC roadshow)
  • Got to mingle with people I usually don't get to see that often at the party, like Denise, Jeanine, Sonja, Sano, and Callahan
  • Ian was able to order Jose's Christmas present during the Christmas party
  • Ian had a blast the party while actually having time to enjoy himself, causing me to enjoy the party more
  • Plum wine and mulled wine are AWESOME (I had some plum wine before Ian came home in the morning and some mulled wine at the Christmas party. The recipe that Denise had on hand for the mulled wine was fantastic!) !!!

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