Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Upcoming Holiday Plans: February Edition

Now that I think about it, next month is going to be packed with holiday festivities.

Imbolc is on the second. I'm debating what sigils I'm still planning on sending out into the world then. Hopefully, I will be over this rotovirus so I can be at full peak during casting. I don't want any sickness screwing me up.

Girl Scout Cookie Day is on the eighth. I'm going to celebrate by supporting a lucky local troop by buying a bunch of cookies. ^w^

Chinese New Year and Callahan's brother's memorial is on the tenth. The memorial taking place during Chinese New Year is leaving me feeling weird. How are you supposed to celebrate life during a time when celebrating death is bad luck? I think wearing gold is the best balance, since it's closest to yellow. :/

Valentine's Day is on the fourteenth. Unfortunately, Ian and I won't be able to celebrate until the sixteenth, since too many people took that day off from work. I don't know what we will be doing then. Everything is going to be a complete surprise.

World Thinking Day (another Girl Scout holiday) is taking place this year on the twenty-second. I'm excited to find out what kind of theme is going to be internationally celebrated.

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