Saturday, January 26, 2013

Past Haunts

Wolf Moon blessings, everyone! I hope everyone had a good day! ^w^

Anywho, now to get into the heavier stuff...

My past is catching up with me again, not only with money issues but with people I knew back then.

An ex-friend, who was one of my BFFs at one point (that's a long story that I won't get into on here, but I'll say that the ending of that friendship hurt), decided to send me a friend request on FB this morning. I accepted it as a sign. I had dreamt about making amends and speaking my mind to this person several times this week.

A lot of my dreams have become visions as of late. It's just weird when they haven't been this vivid since I was pregnant with Evelyn.

With what I know, is this a sign of good faith on her end...or just a way for her to keep tabs on me? :/


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