Monday, January 28, 2013

Fangirling: Adventure Time Edition

*WARNING: Major spoilers will be discussed about "All Your Fault." If you haven't seen that episode, it would be advised not to read on!*

Talk about creepy! This has to be the creepiest episode aired to date, and there are plenty of episodes that put people on edge in this series, so that's saying a lot! A lot of my friends that have kept up on the episodes agree with me wholeheartedly.

Princess Bubblegum gets a distress letter from Lemongrab saying that they have run out of candy to eat where he rules, so he's asking for more. Confused, Princess Bubblegum sends a basket full of candy seeds to plant so that there will be plenty of candy again with Finn and Jake.

I thought that was strike one, especially after watching the commercials that were aired. If I was in her position, I would NOT send Finn and Jake out to some where like that-I would have mailed another basket out.

Finn and Jake, not thinking about what they are about to witness so much, take on the mission without hesitation.

They get to where they need to get to. What they witness heavily reminded me of scenes from Uzumaki. I wonder if that's where the writers for this episode got the inspiration from. Fucking snails/slugs. *shivers*

Everything just goes from bad to worse. I won't mention the rest, since that would be a jerk move. Go watch the episode!

On an ending note, Lemongrab is a major jerk and creeper. The ending scene just makes me shiver with how the last expressions are shown.

P.S. I think alignment wise that Princess Bubblegum is secretly Chaotic Neutral/ Neutral Evil with how she acts. She's created creepily, yet possibly Neutral Evil characters. Remember Goliad? Lemongrab is no better. She also has little regard for if she's hurting people, unless it's backfires on her. Accidents are looked at as experiments that need adjusting. She only freaks out if things get out of hand.

P.P.S. Even though Lemongrab is one creepy mofo, I'm not going to deny that he was in some pretty awesome episodes. In fact, I expect a good episode these days when I see Lemongrab in the commercials.

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