Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Day 2013

Happy New Year everyone! I wish you all love, hope, peace, and joy during this secular New Year! <3

Anywho, this New Year has been starting off pretty fantastic, for the most part.

Ian and I both rolled twenties on a d20 dice. Rolling the dice has basically been a tradition of mine on New Year's since my old group started it. I don't associate with them very much anymore, but I still keep this tradition going out of good memories and force of habit.

I still need to give myself a New Year's tarot reading. :X

As long as I have completed this blog post by midnight PST (it never goes to MST on my end, like it should, so I only count PST), I will have completed my daily goals for this New Year, and have not broken the chain! Woohoo!

On that note, I'm still feeling the burn from my first yoga asana of the year. It's so fantastic.  Sarah was a brave soul, and tried out yoga for the first time tonight.We did the first sequence found on the first season of Namaste yoga. I give her major props as a beginner going in cold turkey. She almost made it to the end! ^w^

I'm missing the Advent Calendar on Neopets already. T.T

As from my last post you should know that I got a proper New Year's kiss. It's still pretty fantastic when I'm thinking about it. ;P

My laundry still needs to be done. Undone laundry = bad Feng Shui for the New Year unless corrected quickly.

Ian, Brett, Eli, and I finally got around to doing the DBZ marathon of madness. We didn't get very far into the marathon after figuring out how we were going about things. This marathon is going to span over weekends/when everyone actually has time to get altogether. So far, we watched the main episode and the special both dealing with Bardock.

After being in lala land for a bit, due a heavy hit from the plum wine cocktails I made, I kind of woke up to Ian telling me that we were going to see a movie together. I totally thought he was joking, and went back to sleep.

I get woken up a second time. Ian found out that I had credit card debt. I didn't say anything to him, because I honestly didn't know about going around and explaining it to him. It also didn't help that I kept forgetting to tell him. Long story short, I'm taking care of this situation entirely this time, and will not need any help...and that feels empowering, in a way. Feeling like you have to be a responsible adult sucks sometimes, though.

I get ready in a breakneck fashion after that debt discussion. We finally got to see Les Miserables together. I think the movie did itself major justice. You could tell since I was blubbering a good portion of the movie. Ian admitted that he teared up too; he also really enjoyed it.

On that note, he's trying to find the best soundtrack that would do Les Mis fans proud. Anyone know the best soundtrack released to date? Help!

Ian and I swore to never bicker on holidays again, as best as we could. Yesterday really hurt us both. I'm glad we made amends. We even pinky promised. I only do that for the promises I plan on taking to the grave.

Dad picked up Evelyn and me past 3 p.m. After we got to my folks' house, we ate a bunch of food and hungout with my side of the family. Ian only didn't go due to sleeping for work. Hanging out was quite nice, especially since Remi wasn't barking. We also made mom's night.

Oh, and screw traditional champagne (lols Just kidding! Champagne is still pretty tasty. :P )-Plum wine is the right way to ring in the New Year! ;D

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