Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Chain Is Broken

Sadly, I have broken the chain for doing yoga/meditating and Photo 365. I really tried to keep up with this technique, but lost focus due to various factors. I accidentally forgot to take a picture yesterday, and being sick has really been cutting into my yoga practice around here. Meditating was a lot more easier to manage when people around here weren't sick, and constantly disturbing me.

Weirdly enough, I am still consistent with blogging everyday (which I think everyone here appreciates!). I think the study for keeping a resolution/goal was right-you need to do the resolution at least a month or two beforehand to make it stick during the new year.

To keep things simplified, I'm going to modify the Photo 365 project into a theme for each month. I will probably follow Words To Shoot By's example, and just take photos I think best reflect the theme of that month. I could also go by what my favorite photographers do, and just take a bunch of photos during every month, and then pick my favorites when New Year's Eve rolls around again.

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