Thursday, January 31, 2013

Misogynistic Tones And Pretty Dresses

*WARNING: This post contains spoilers of Gone With The Wind. If you want to watch/read it for yourself, I'd advise you NOT to read on. Please also take note that I know that GWTW is a period piece, and that the main characters did what they had to do in order to survive*

Sorry for the late post. I fell asleep, got foods and drinks, and finally got around to watching Gone With The Wind entirely to the point that I lost track of time.

There will be two posts for today, respectfully.

Speaking of Gone With The Wind, I ended up not liking it after watching it all the way through.

I hate how the story keeps shifting around so much. There were many places where the story could have ended that would have been perfectly fine, but apparently the both the author and director of the book and movie had other, more realistic ideas. In my honest opinion, I think that's what made the story a major bummer in the end. The ending in its own right is almost complete overkill of sadness.

As for Scarlett, I find that she has pretty clothes (my favorite outfits of her's were the white dress with green details, the green and gold curtain outfit, the blue and white business outfit, and the red party dress), a shrewd business sense, and a quick mindset. However, I don't like the rest of her character. When you think she has finally evolved and learned her lesson in character, she reverts back to a childish standpoint. This character flaw ends up being her ultimate demise and makes everything and everyone around her a living hell.

If someone lied to my face about being able to deliver a kid, made me deliver a kid myself, then took all the credit, I would have decked them square in the face. No questions asked. Holy crap, that maid had an annoying voice.

The whole affair with Ashley just makes me want to break things. Ashley should have been left a noble character. The barn scene ruined his character for me.

If someone told a major lie making me lose the person I was going to marry, I would come after them with full fury. I think this scene made Scarlett completely heartless. Totally uncalled for.

Melanie should have slapped Scarlett at the party. It would have given Melanie's character more backbone, I think. Making her character so weak due to childbirth makes me incredibly sad.

Rhett seemed to be a good guy during a good portion of the film, but I think the scene that ruined him was the drinking scene. He treated Scarlett like a queen before then. During the drinking scene, it gets into a sense of domestic violence and rape. I consider the following scene rape, since Scarlett was forced to drink alcohol, then carried upstairs into their bedroom with Scarlett slapping him around and telling him to let her go. He doesn't, and has his way with her, knowing Scarlett doesn't want to have more children. I was heavily annoyed to see Scarlett so happy in the next scene. If the sex was good, then awesome, I guess, but where that scene came from was so messed up on multiple cases. From this rape, he decides that he wants to divorce Scarlett, then takes their daughter away from the family. The directing of the next scene in London was poor. I thought that the daughter was being raped by Rhett until you finally see him rushing into the room, comforting her. When they come back from London, Scarlett's joy pisses me off, yet again. She's pregnant due to the rape. Rhett's still in a jealous fit, and wishes her ill will. He bites back his words, however, when Scarlett falls down the stairs and miscarries.

Not wanting to spoil things completely, it goes from bad to worse. The ending, I think, gives a sense of false hope.


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