Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dragonball Snoozefest

Ian, Brett, Eli, and I were able to continue the DBZ marathon of madness...for a little bit.

We continued the marathon by watching Dragonball this time.

I fell asleep at the beginning, zoning in and out of watching episodes. Ian was in the same boat due to the fact that he hadn't slept all day until that point. Lying on the day bed with Ian's body heat close by didn't help matters much. The body heat from snuggling was welcome due to the intense cold that was seeping into the house. Being located on the basement floor does have major drawbacks this time of year, especially with the direction we're faced. Idaho is not fun when the weather is seven degrees Fahrenheit, and the snow is frozen into ice blocks.

On an ending note, good thing I've seen a good majority of the first season... >.>

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