Sunday, December 1, 2013

On the first day of Creepmas, my true ghoul gave to me...

(Welcome! It feels so good to be back to posting again on this blog. I love the idea of Creepmas. Whether you're an oldie or newbie, I hope you will enjoy my Creepmas posts!)

...a super classy Creepmas tree!

This first, fine example to kick off the Creepmas season was made possible by my good friend, Denise.

If you look closely, the ornaments seem normal around the tree, but they aren't. If you're paying attention, you see some Gothic ornaments hanging about. The tree is also not green, but black!

I love black and white trees. They are so versatile in nature.

Denise plans on making this black Creepmas tree into a Halloween tree for 2014. ^w^

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