Friday, December 13, 2013

On the thirteenth day of Creepmas, my true ghoul gave to me...

...a Friday the 13th in December! O.o
(Wow! What luck! ^w^ )

This ghoulish Creepmas countdown has come to another bittersweet end. I hate to part from you all.
Cuddling up with a black cat, and enjoying some mulled wine, hot cocoa, or tea by the fire is heavily recommended for Creepmas withdrawals.
With Necrofeast coming up on the twenty-seventh of this month, here is a comic that features a good winter spirit, and here is some information on Necrofeast as parting gifts.

...don't get whisked away by the darker beings out there...

Take care, and may the rest of the holiday season and New Year treat you well! ^w^

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