Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Ups and Downs

We're finally into March everyone! After changing the calendar, I felt ready for a new month to start. It's a common known ritual I do to prepare for what's to become of the new month.

I'm going to post lists for the simplicity of it. Let's start with the cons first, shall we?

Here are the cons that spanned from last post until now (brace yourself for some bitching):

  • I only shot a couple of pictures last month...and they were on my phone! I was very bummed out on the fact that the weather was mostly horrible and good lighting was scarce around here. If you know me, I also prefer to shoot analogue if possible, so just shooting in a digital sense made me very sad
  • Massive creative blocks SUCKED
  • People bailed out on interviews, which was seriously not cool
  • Evey had quite the screaming sprees due to growth spurts
  • We still haven't received the tax paperwork from my school needed to file our taxes. Odet has been dodging my calls to boot. I can't wait until I pay off all of my student loans. I hate being on edge from waiting for tax paperwork!
  • My right big toe got caught on Evey's swing hook, and I'm pretty sure I broke/sprained it something fierce
  • My left side of my ribs seem to be curling. I plan on getting an X-ray done by Dr. Henze soon to find out what the heck is going on. I'm been complaining since Evey was born that something was entirely off, and I have been in pain since. I wish universal healthcare was available here. If so, I would have checked it out stat. Maybe I should get a new passport, and head to Canada?
  • Still not on good terms with my mother. I wish she would apologize already!
  • Being behind on projects SUCK
  • The LCL group...I'm just going to leave it at that
  • Missing out on going to ECCC. So much stuff went on that it wasn't even funny
  • Feeling sad that Katrina and can't hangout with Denise anytime soon
  • Last month was not good for work or my funds in general
  • Feeling as if Joss Whedon/creators is/are bi-phobic due to what I read in Buffy season eight. Having feelings for both genders is not just a phase, especially in the case of Buffy being an adult. It really doesn't help when Willow explains her reasoning behind that thought. The thought is highly depressing, as I'm openly bisexual.
  • Feeling so sluggish due to a lot of lectins I have been consuming lately. I wish there was more food around here that is more B type friendly. I'm seriously wondering if a good majority of the people around here are As or ABs, from what I know
  • Feeling sad as a parent for some of the comments I've heard around here. I can't wait until we move out of this house
  • Feeling a little betrayed by J.R. since he still hasn't contacted me back about the tattoo commission
  • Jose being sent up north to a different correctional institute with just barely a warning. What's worse is the fact that we can't talk to him about Evey anymore. He can't even hear about his niece or Godson. Oh, and the judge totally lied to him on his terms. The panel of judges changed their minds last minute before sending him away on the paperwork. He's currently working with his case manager for a plea. Did I mention that I hate the legal system around here since I think it's quite broken?
  • Ian threatening to cut off the internet due to people around here not pulling their weight. You have no idea how much this pisses me off, especially since he partially went off on me. It was extremely uncalled for, and quite rude. Also, I can only do so much with the condition I'm currently in
  • My biggest worry is slowly losing my ability to see spirits and reading people. I think it might deal with reading scriptures so heavily now. If that is the case, I'm going to sadly stop reading them for awhile to see if it will return. If I pissed off an entity somehow, I'm going to try and make amends for what I've done. The whole thing is just really scaring me. I feel as if I'm so off losing this sight
Now, here are the pros:
  • Sigil work has been one of my only creative and magical outlets that hasn't dwindled at all. Thank gosh!
  • Finding a new LCL group has been completely worth it. The people in the new group are so nice and helpful
  • Blazed through the end of the first arch of Nightschool. Holy. SHIT. I didn't see that arch ending at all. I can't wait for the next arch in paperback!
  • Evelyn finally getting a hang of long naps has done wonders around here
  • The new Tokidoki calendar image for the month of March. I love Adios and Ciao Ciao
  • Sonja totally got proposed to at ECCC!
  • Logan totally got to meet a bunch of awesome people at ECCC. I'm mostly jealous on the fact that one of those people was Sir Patrick Stewart
  • The latest missionaries assigned to Ian's ward are total nerds. It's pretty awesome
  • Blazing through season eight of Buffy in comic form, and started on season nine. I'm loving the Goddess Willow is attached to. The lesbian scenes in season eight are some of the best drawn that I have seen in a lot of comics. That's saying a lot. Oh, and I'm loving how a lot of the seasons mesh beautifully in season eight. Major props to the authors and artists. Kalah would seriously freak out if she got to read season eight.
  • Winning a Puppyblew on the Fruit Machine. I wish this happened years ago. Puppyblew is one of my all-time favorite Petpets
  • The weather around here is really starting to feel like Spring again. I'm loving that
  • We got to see Hat Aaron, Sarah, and Ard again. We will start tabletop gaming with them next Sunday. Not only will I be able to finish coloring a coloring page, but Ian and I will get to play Hack Masters and enjoy various teas. I'm so freaking psyched
  • Texting Miqmiq and Nicole on a regular basis
  • Enjoying a date night filled with Aspen Leaf frozen yogurt, a viewing of The Notebook and 30Rock and napping together with Ian
So there you have it folks. All that can be said for what's happening in my life to until now. You're all caught up. Talk to you all later! Take care! ^w^

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