Saturday, March 16, 2013

Crowdsurfing and Light Shows

(Before I start off with the highlights of the week, I have to make mention of this. I don't know you have heard, but Google Reader is going away officially July first of this year. If you haven't already, please follow me on Bloglovin' so we can still stay in touch. Since I'm a heavy user of Google Reader, I'm trying my best to port over any other people I follow onto Bloglovin' too.)

Pros of the week (in scrambled order) (sorry for the TMI in advance):
  • Getting the chance to play as a Deep Imaskari in Hackmasters due to character creation last Sunday. (I'm still figuring out her name. I'm so freaking psyched for Hatz' game that's happening tomorrow night!!!)
  • Awesome nooky sessions
  • Meeting and getting to hold the manager's son over at Keva Juice
  • ...speaking of Keva Juice, KEVA JUICE! (I finally got to try the Killer Chai Chiller since the manager finally got hold of more organic ingredients. Hands down one of the best drink options on the whole menu)
  • Period starting on time (pregnancy scares are not fun at all >.> )
  • Seeing at least twenty-five to thirty successful crowdsurfing attempts at the Flogging Molly concert
  • Being able to sleep in more than once since Evelyn was able to sleep through the night
  • Dad telling us that his vision has officially become 20/20 naturally, except for the slight astigmatism, which he'll need reading glasses for
  • Meeting the Donots in person (they were so polite!)
  • Ian buying my both of the Donots CDs and having both of my ticket stub and CDs autographed by the whole band
  • Chatting with the Donots bass player during the longest break time (seriously, what a sweet heart!)
  • Getting the chance to eat strawberry rhubarb pie again (bad me knows that rhubarb is an Avoid, but I don't have it on a regular basis, so it's alright) due to Ian buying me a whole pie at WinCo
  • Remi not snapping at Evelyn, due to the muzzle training dad put him through
  • Just an overall pleasant visit over at my folk's house yesterday (the whole visit in general was pretty surreal)
  • Flogging Molly's bass player's advice to the girls that were ahead of me in line
  • *SPOILER for any TVD fans that haven't seen the latest episode yet* Seeing that Damon is basically accepting Elena for who she is versus trying to add back her humanity (Anyone else get annoyed by how whiny Elena was as a vampire until this happened? I think the producers did themselves a favor when they decided to go with this plot twist)
  • Deciding to make wings and a flower crown for no apparent reason, because those things are awesome (probably going to make some to put in the shop that I'm launching here in a bit)
  • Knowing that J.R. will be here until tomorrow morning
  • The possible chance that I can still go to the Clockwork Carnival happening tonight (if I can't, there's always next year)
  • Vlogging late at night (you may or may not see videos on here in the future!!!)
  • Getting to finally read the true ending of BtVS season eight, along with the Angel & Faith separate storyline
  • Being able to check out the book that I wasn't able to get last winter

Cons of the week (also in scrambled order):
  • Getting groped by drunkards at the Flogging Molly concert
  • Rude people bumping into us/trying to take our spots while we were sitting down at our table at the concert
  • People blocking our view during parts of the concert (next time, we're getting V.I.P. seats at the Revolution Concert House! That was bullshit!)
  • Sweat dripping down on me after the concert was over (I had to wash my hair three times just to get all the residue off. It was so gross!)
  • The bass player from Flogging Molly kind of being a jerk to me during the photo session (Logan told me that he was acting that way due to exhaustion)
  • Dad telling us that grandma might have dementia (this may be the case, but I'm more likely to believe my next point)
  • Seeing dead relatives at my folk's house in a very unsettling manner (it was a creepy wake up call, especially after hearing about grandma)
  • Dad also telling us that mom has been having issues due to menopause (which explains her reaction in January)
  • Almost missed being able to see J.R. during his Spring Break (if it wasn't for T.J., I wouldn't have even known that he was in town!)
  • J.R. kind of being a jerk about the tattoo I may have to remake for him

That's it for now, everybody! I hope you all have an awesome week! Take care! ^w^

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