Friday, March 8, 2013

International Women's Day 2013

The biggest thing I did today in the spirit of the holiday was write letters to the women/girls in my life I think are awesome.

I even wrote a letter for Evelyn to read one day. It's going in her memory book once I put postage on the letters I'm sending.

The next biggest thing I did today in the spirit of the holiday was hangout with Evelyn. We read and played games together. It was quite nice. We also bonded by watching Disney faerie movies (a.k.a. guilty pleasures).

The one thing that pissed me off about the day was reading some statuses posted by several women I know that didn't understand what this holiday was truly about. It took all of my power not to post replies from the  ignorance being shown.

This holiday was made so that women could come together in camaraderie and spirit, and fight to make things better for other women/girls around the world. It really hurts to see other women tearing each other down, especially on this day.

Here are some of the links that I read today that were of interest:

  • WAGGGS (A lot of amazing stories from the Scouts/Guides all over the world)
  • PSL (This hit close to home. This story is really scary to hear about, especially since I have family both in the military at the moment and have family living in that region. I really hope this woman gets justice for this case, and the military personnel involved get punished for their actions)
  • Tokyo Girl's Collection (The girly part of me loves this show wholeheartedly. So many awesome fashions were on display. My favorite parts were when the women showed attitude on the runway. Quite honestly, I think this show trumps Fashion Week(s) since you can see their personalities showing)
  • Couchsurfing Adventures (I have an account [that needs to be updated! >.>] through Couchsurfing that I really want to get use of. The fact that this lady traveled to over twenty plus countries and documented this trip is really empowering and makes me smile. Oldie, but goodie)
Did you do anything awesome today in celebration?

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