Thursday, February 7, 2013

Oil Cleansing Method Results: Day Three

(Yet another post that was sent to the drafts. I really shouldn't post from my phone. >.> )

My face is still reacting positively to this method of cleaning my face.

My face is evening out quite a bit. A lot of sun spots and acne scars are disappearing at a rapid rate. Crows feet that accidentally happened due to brushes being harsh around my eyes are going away. The laugh lines around my mouth are diminishing. The results are quite youthful.

My face is really glowing at this point. I love how when the oil concoction is washed off that it leaves a dewy finish without any sort of makeup.

The other day, I put this combo on my stomach, to see how the stretchmarks from pregnancy would disappear. I have tried other methods, without any results. I had hoped that since olive oil is a Benefit for me that this oil mix would work.

I was right. I'm hoping with keeping up with yoga and this cleansing method that I can wipe out any sort of pregnancy marks around my whole body. ^w^

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