Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Apologies, My Dear

I apologize, first, for not blogging as much. My blog posts have been stretched out in patches of days due to writing in the new journal Ian bought my at Deseret Books not too long ago. ^.^;;;

I hope everyone has had a good Mardi Gras and Lunar New Year so far.

My Lunar New Year was more eventful than my Mardi Gras this year when compared side by side.

My Lunar New Year was mostly composed of dealing with Evelyn being way super fussy and going to Jeff Calahan's memorial.

I found it kind of weird that a memorial was held on the beginning of the Lunar New Year, but whatever. Luckily, this celebration was more cheerful than not. It was filled with food, laughter, arcade games, pinball challenges, and letter burnings. I am one of those people that believe that it's kind of bad luck to dwell on the dead when you're supposed to be celebrating life. To me, the Lunar New Year is way more important to me than the secular New Year celebrated on January first every year.

Ian, Logan, Einar, and I went to mostly support James, since he was really broken up by the whole thing. We were all convinced that Jeff went the way he did due to a combination of seasonal depression and being drunk at the same time. It was a major wake up call, especially when people only said that he was a rude person a good portion of his life. I honestly didn't remember him that way. He was always kind to me whenever I saw him.

On an ending note for that memorial, I really wish I took a picture of that outfit for that day. I looked fabulous. I might wear it again before the Lunar New Year period ends (it goes on for about fourteen more days, give or take, depending where you are). I also am going to save any rituals for the dead when the Lunar New Year time slot is over with, again, being highly superstitious.

Today, it was slightly productive, mostly painful, and bland.

Productive wise, Ian and I cleared out a bunch of the laundry baskets. Those had been on our to-do lists for awhile, especially with the closet being the way it is. Our closet is either going to be fixed by my father-in-law  or through several members of Ian's ward, so cleaning the room as best as we could is a must. I also was able to talk with J.R. about the tattoo payment. He plans on paying me once his medical bill gets paid.

Pain wise, several things happened today. Brace yourself for TMI. If you don't want to read this, then scroll down past this part. I woke up with my arms feeling like they were clotting. Due to sleeping the way I had been, I forgot to change out my Lunette Aine (the menstrual cup I use). I have a gut feeling that the clotting was due partially to both sleeping the way I was, and menstrual blood reversing its way back into my system (which is why I don't do reversals in yoga during this time!). I have been taking cinnamon filled capsules since the baby aspirin is expired. Ian's going to pick up some for me before he leaves work tomorrow morning.

Part two of pain deals with Evelyn. She took a nasty fall due to Keely (mother-in-laws's dog) tripping her near the entryway. When I heard a loud thud, my senses went into overdrive. I went into parenting panic mode. There was a lot of blood. I had to clean up the areas around her lip, which swelled a bunch, and around her nose, which she may have broken. I think some of her bottom teeth shifted around. Luckily, none of them were knocked of her mouth, and they also happen to be baby teeth. If she has a concussion, it's really minor, since she was able to sleep just fine, but I'm keeping an eye on her anyway. My mother-in-law retrieved some ice packs, and we iced Evelyn's head, lip, and nose for a good bit.

The food was mostly disappointing today. I wanted to have some Cajun food, but we didn't have the right ingredients. The most decadent things I had all day were some cinnamon rolls dad made for breakfast. Everything else was pretty much bland.

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