Monday, September 3, 2012

Small world

Everything seemed to play out nicely yesterday for a change.

I got to sleep in, for one. Which is a miracle in and of itself. My sleep schedule has been messed up with Evelyn being on a rampage night after night with teething or just being overtly fussy, especially during these last weeks. Woke up a bit groggy, but that wasn't an issue. Being able to sleep is wonderful. It makes one wonder why they hated naps when they were a kid. I got multiple sessions of time out in kindergarten when I wouldn't go to sleep when the other kids did. I think I regretted not getting enough sleep in middle school, and paid for it when early mornings came around. My internal clock did not help matters much, and I didn't need an alarm clock then. Things became so bad in high school that I needed to set the timer on my cell phone during my Sophomore year. High school and college were the same, when it came right down to sleep. Parenting trumps all though. Holy crap. If you haven't had kids yet/are childless, enjoy your sleep while you can. Everything makes sleep unpredictable when kids exist in your life.

For Nicole's, Cliff's, and Raevyn's farewell party, I still had no idea what to make. Chili was out of the question, since there were no more Bush's baked beans in the pantry area. There were not enough shells to make loaded macaroni and cheese. I was literally stumped. Nicole told me that it wasn't a problem, and to just come over so they could see us. I literally couldn't be happier. It felt like a weight was taken off of my shoulders, since I didn't have to worry about making things for this potluck anymore. On that note, making things for any potluck can be pretty tricky. Timing and having ingredients on hand is crucial if you don't want to be screwed over.

Ian fought with sleep for awhile yesterday. He stayed for the whole church time, socializing with everyone upstairs for a bit, mostly discussing the game plan laid out for what was going on during Halo 4. Personally, I think the whole argument going around is stupid, especially since nobody wants their friendships ruined over this dilemma. Adventure Time was also watched before he actually slept for a whole two hours. I love dark humored shows. We're still going through the first season in order, since Steph let us borrow her first season set. The bits and pieces I saw of Adventure Time beforehand were scattered in multiple seasons. Just for the record, my favorite character is Marceline. The way they depict vampires on Adventure Time is quite interesting, really. After watching a couple of episodes of Adventure Time, I was forced to stay up and get Evelyn to calm down. Knowing that anything Disney would keep her awake for hours, I flipped through channels. I decided on ABC Family as a good channel. I watched a good majority of Sweet Home Alabama until I realized that we were going to be late for the meeting with the bishop, and Ian hadn't woken up to his alarm. After screaming at him to wake up for what seems like in two minute intervals, he finally snapped out of it, and got ready. We were late, of course.

This visit to the bishop worked out pretty well. In fact, it worked out so well that the bishop suggested a temple recommend and priesthood initiation interview for Ian. As his sponsor, I couldn't be more prouder of Ian this afternoon, especially with all of his progress in his personal matter of which I won't post about on here since it's confidential with us three. I'm not going to lie-this bishop is pretty much tied in coolness with Ian's bishop he had that married us. He even wants me to design a logo for him! It seems that the bishops that deal with law related matters are pretty much the coolest and actually want to help people out whilst getting stuff done in the process. The previous bishop that was the head of this ward gives me the creeps whenever I see him. That guy has a pretty frightening aura about him, making me not want to be around him for too long.

After switching clothes and getting showered after we got back, we made a beeline for Ann Morrison Park where the farewell party was held. After not being to Ann Morrison in years, we accidentally parked on the opposite side of the park, forcing us to walk quite the distance. Luckily, it was a pretty balmy day without grass fire smoke. I'm so thankful for the rain we've had as of late. Anywho, we made it over to the farewell gathering. The table that everyone was at was between the fountain and the playground in the shade. Socializing was awkward for a bit, but I made my rounds with a good majority of people when I realized that they were over at Nicole's baby shower. The people that were there at the time were pretty awesome and quite friendly. We shared good foods, drinks, and banter.

Highlights of yesterday:

  1. Cliff's sister's daughter trying to guess my age. She thought I was fourteen! XD
  2. Christina posting that she was also reading Good Omens. Seriously, small world.
  3. Ian and Cliff having multiple discussions about a lot of things. I'm really glad that they get along with each other. I didn't think they would at first when Ian first met him during the Halloween party.
  4. Being proud of my husband's progress on multiple levels.
  5. Hearing that Cliff got an internship over at Bungie. Seriously! Not going to lie-Ian and I are both pretty jelly!
  6. Being able to see Nicole, Cliff, and Raevyn before they move.
  7. Raevyn and Evelyn speaking to each other throughout the farewell party. Cuteness overload.
  8. Getting a message on FB from Nicole that we were welcome to stay with them at their place if we were attending Aki Con this year. She and Cliff also admitted that we were some of the people here in Idaho that they would miss most of all. Seriously felt the love emanating from that message. It was truly heartfelt.
  9. The possibility of being able to hangout with Nicole, Cliff, and Raevyn one last time before they move later on Tuesday.
Well, that's all for this post. I'm going to read more of the sketching lessons book I picked up from the Library!, and put it to good use with the character models I'm planning and in general with my future sketches. After I get to the point of exhaustion, I'll put the book down and sleep. Goodnight everybody! <3

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