Thursday, April 18, 2013


A major reason of why I've been away for so long is the fact that I've been working on PLENTY of secret projects.

I will now reveal what they happen to be (since I promised that I would reveal what I've been working on in an earlier post):

  • An online zine (debating whether to make it another page on this blog or making an entire blog for it altogether)
  • My old comic that I've been debating revamping for the longest time that was a big hit back in the day
  • Art pieces for a huge online art gallery that has live galleries in both London and L.A.
  • Articles for several different sites that I love
  • Finding a love interest for a friend I will not name drop
  • Late Senior yearbook/goodbye portraits
Pictures and links will be up when these projects are finally completed. Until then, take care! ^w^

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