Tuesday, September 4, 2012


It really frustrates me when I'm so close to completing a goal, and then everything turns to hell at the end, making the one goal that was possible incredibly impossible.

In this case, my work promotion was affected. They're going back to the old promotion system once month end hits finally, which is 4 p.m. MST here.

It really sucks since I've been in this company for a bit, and I always hit a snag around the end of the month when I want to do my best.  It's mostly been family issues, people flaking out, and transportation issues that have been the worst to deal with. I've decided that I'm only going to use car insurance money I have saved  when the weather is completely terrible out to be able to use Ian's car, and invest in a retro commuter styled bike instead for others until I have enough money for a scooter or car in cash. That Vespa on Shopkick is so tempting and so far away in points.

I guess there's always next month, but now all my work will be from scratch just trying to get this promotion and it will take twice the time to get where I want to be in this company.


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